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Snooker may not be the game you hear of or read about in your everyday sports bulletins, but it is really popular among those who love it. And it is quite an exciting sport too, once you get to know it.

This site is designed for that purpose; to give newbies an entry point into the game and to provide some interesting information for those who are conversant with it. There are several articles on the site grouped into unique sections.

All About Snooker

Get to know the game. Where did it come from, and what is it like? What are some of the things which make it unique and what makes some people fall in love with it? Get to know more about these topics in this section.

Snooker Basic Rules

The first entry point into any game is to know the rules. The contributors to this site are well versed in this area and make it simple to understand. The articles in this section break the rules down, making it easy for even the newest fans to understand.

British Favourites

Britain is an especially popular place for snooker. The game is played here in both leisure and professional capacities. Get to know who are the favourites in the sport here.

Best International Players

There are several greats in the sport of snooker. This section deals with the reasons which make these players to be celebrated. The majority of them have hit various records; achieving 147 is nothing new to them.