How to Win at Snooker

Everyone who knows a thing or two about snooker has their own theory on how the game should be approached. However, it is generally believed that the best winning strategy should involve scoring heavily. This is indeed true. The following are the implications for scoring heavily:

  • Your confidence will increase
  • You opponent will not be able to play safe
  • There will be no chance for your opponent to score

While consistent break building is an asset in snooker, many players, especially upcoming ones, tend to miss its essential aspect, which is the ability to pocket the balls in the face of pressure. Heavy and consistent scorers like Jimmy White would not only win frames, but also save them. Other benefits that come with heavy and consistent scoring include the following:

  • Mastering how to play kisses and cannons
  • Being courageous enough to take chances and pull heavy scores
  • The willingness to split the pack and clear the balls at the earliest possible moment
  • Skills acquisition (e.g. the skills to easily move the cue ball into the billiard board position you want)

So How Does One Become a Good Heavy Scorer and an Excellent Break Builder?

Snooker players tend to break build from a pro’s perspective i.e., trying to fix all mistakes simultaneously. The mistakes include the following:

  • Poor mechanics
  • Poor selection of balls
  • Lack of the ability to pot
  • Lack of the ability to control cue ball
  • Lack of proper concentration and focus

To avoid the above issues and play snooker like a pro, you will need to deal with each one of them individually. Set your practice routines and try to perfect the skills one by one. For instance, concentration and focus cannot come overnight – they typically develop out of routine practice, which makes perfect. Once you have fixed the issues, you can consistently score heavily and beat your opponents with ease.