Interesting Guide to Playing Snooker

Snooker is an exciting game both for players and fans. Everyone involved has something which attracts them to the game. There are some interesting facts about the cue sport that was invented in the 19th century. Some of the details that will definitely amaze you include the following.

Two is the Only Number

The game can only be played by two opponents. It should not be more or less than that.

The game is played using 21 snooker balls with different colours. There is also a cue and a snooker table with six pockets where the balls are placed for you to earn points. Among the 21 balls, there is a white ball which the player strikes with the cue to push other balls to the pockets.

Don’t Pocket White

Another interesting fact which is also a rule of the game is that you should not pocket the white ball. Its only purpose is to hit the other snooker balls. If you make a mistake of pocketing the white cue ball, then that is termed as a foul called scratching, and you do not earn any points. You also should not miss a ball. You have to ensure that the white ball hits the others in the right order.

Ball Order

There is a specific order set to pot the balls. If the order is not observed, then you do not get any points. To gain the points, first pot a red ball followed by a colour. The red balls are worth one point, yellow ball with two points, the green ball which has three, brown ball four, five for the blue one, the pink ball has six points and the black ball seven. You can also earn points if your opponent commits a foul.

Something else of great interest is that the snooker game is one of the safest sports since injuries are a rare occurrence when playing.