Snooker Ball Striking Rules

A snooker match is played with fifteen unnumbered object balls which are red and six others which are of other colours. There is also a cue ball which is usually white. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by legally pocketing the balls as per the rules. If players do not stick to the rules, they commit fouls and are likely to lose the game.

The following are some of the rules applied when striking balls in a snooker game:

Ball Striking Rules

  • Hitting the red ball first

To avoid a foul, you should complete a shot in 60 seconds and if you are the player with the right to play, the first ball you should hit should be red.

  • Next shot of the red ball

Your next shot should be the red ball if the ball you had hit in the previous shot was also red. Also you can play a red ball if the only potted balls are red.

  • Legal red ball shot

The strike on the red ball is legal if the opponent is playing next and there is no red ball which has been potted. It is also legal if the points gotten by the player are equal to the number of pocketed red balls.

  • Legal object colour shot

Players are allowed to strike ball of object colour next if the cue ball is not potted or a coloured ball is struck by the cue ball when there is still a red ball or the ball which is hit first is a coloured ball which has the lowest points and there is no red ball on the table.

  • Legal coloured ball strike

Legal coloured ball is possible if the other participant is next and there is no potted ball. There is an increase in player’s points by the number of points carried by the coloured ball when the player pots the coloured ball.