Great snooker player and 10 magic marbles

Referring to snooker, people immediately remember the legendary Stephen Henry, a player who was dubbed the “King of Kings”. Almost every noble title, or the greatest record in the snooker, the Scottish muscle is the leader.

If in the billiard pool, Efren Reyes is considered as the greatest player in the world, it is hard for snooker to surpass Stephen Henry in that position. The former Scottish player (he retired in 2012) currently holds the most impressive snooker records and the highest honours.

Holding a billiard since 12, Henry soon showed his natural talent and only two years later Stephen won the Championship for the Under 16s in Scotland. In 1985, Stephen Henry became the youngest professional in the world at the age of 16, from which time the world’s top snooker athletes began to taste defeat from a very young opponent.

Cơ thủ snooker vĩ đại & 10 đường bi "ma thuật" - 1

With technical play, along with a solid playing mentality, the Scottish hand always plays firmly against the leading players in the world. Becoming the youngest mechanical arm in the world at the age of 21 is the most vivid testimony, about the maturity of playing errors as well as a solid playing mentality of young mechanical hands.

The age of 21 also marked the great maturity of Stephen Henry, he set a world record when standing at No. 1 snooker for 8 consecutive years (1990-1998). Stephen also holds the record for the most world champions with 7 times.

The record of the “snooker king” has not stopped there, Henry is the record holder with 775 times going a chance to score over 100 points. The Scottish muscle is still unmatched when he has won 36 most noble snooker titles (second is Steve Davis 28 times, Sullivan 27 times).

Cơ thủ snooker vĩ đại & 10 đường bi "ma thuật" - 2

The biggest rival in Henry’s career is none other than Sullivan. During the peak period, the two hands met each other in important tournaments and gave the audience a spectacular match (two hands met 56 matches, Sulivan was the winner with 30 more matches, Henry won 21 matches, the remaining 5 games were inconclusive).

The breakup of Stephen Henry in 2012, made fans regret a legendary hand. But looking back on the glorious career of the Scottish player his decision to stop playing billiards was nothing to regret.