History of snooker

It is over 140 years since a young officer in the British Army did experiment on a billiard table and created snooker. At the 2019 World Championship being the biggest competition on the planet, winner can receive up to $500,000.

We will look back the history detail of snooker to receive a long growth during the history.

India- the home of snooker

As referred, this game was invented by the British Army in the Indian town of Jubbulpore from about 138 years ago. So some people considered that India is the home of snooker.

Besides information about foundation location, India is the nation with covering many professional players. Two of them are Aditya Mehta or Pankaj Advani, they reached many achievements in all international snooker competitions and became famous thanks to snooker.

From early years of growth, snooker usually took place in the colonial-style Ooty Club. It became an outstanding feature of culture. Chamberlain joined the Central India Horse in 1876 and took the game to Ooty Club with rules being shown in the billiards room.

The spreading of snooker to other nations

In 1885, John Roberts visited India and met Chamberlain to ask about rules of snooker. Then he became a pioneer when directly introducing this game to England officially. Then he also became the winner for Billiards Champion at his nation. Also the end of 1800s, snooker was developed with tables as we know today.

Joe Davisand and Joe Davis had big contribution for snooker growth when they impacted to move snooker from a grand aristocratic game to a working class pastime. Both of them used talented skills and techniques about snooker to share it to community. As excellent achievements, Joe reached 15 world championships while Fred also received 8 world championships. They broke the record themselves through other competitions.