How to play Billiard Carom – Rules you should know! (Part 1)

Billiard Carom rules are regulated by the World Billiard Federation – UMB (Union Modiale du Billard) and the American Billiard Conference – BCA (Billiard Congress of America).

I. Select the beginner

– The referee places 2 balls on the line across the endpoint. The first point will be a landmark to divide into 2 parts of the opponent. Two players at the same time hit the ball towards the top of the ice, after touching the peak, the ball will bounce back, the ball closest to the top of the table will be the starter (rated third). 

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– In case two balls touch each other, they must fight.

– If the ball out of his table will lose and lose the right to start.

– The pitcher has the right to yield to the opponent.

– Can be drawn in lieu of selecting a player to start the match.

II. Position of ball:

– The red ball will be placed at the beginning (the point located on the vertical centerline of the table, 142 cm from the top of the tape)

– The opponent’s opponent’s balls will be placed at the end point (the point located on the vertical centerline of the table, 71 cm from the end tape).

– The starting ball is placed horizontally with the opponent’s ball, 18 cm away to the left or right.

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III. Declaration is valid: 

– The potter must hit the ball to touch the red ball first. If you do not touch it is a mistake.

– In the next shot, one of the two balls outside the target ball can be selected as the first target ball.

– Resetting the ball when it is sticky or dropped from the table: 3 balls are placed in the original position (the position where the ball is placed at the beginning of the game).