How to play Billiard Carom – Rules you should know! (Part 2)

How to handle the happenings in the match:

– If for reasons beyond the player’s control the player cannot start the match then the match may be postponed or the organizers will decide.

– If a player is unable to finish the match in accordance with the rules then he will lose the game, unless the other player accepts the situation and agrees to finish the match at an appropriate time set by the organizer.

– If a player is disqualified during a match then he will lose the match and the other competitor will be declared victorious and there will be points scored in this match.

-If a player is disqualified during a match then all his matches will be canceled (including played matches and remaining matches).

– If for reasons beyond the control of the player who cannot start playing, he must notify the referee at the right time to replace another player or pair. All competitors are subject to that emergency summons if a replacement is necessary.

Carom Billiard Frédéric Caudron again faster than his shadow 3 ...

– Whipping a ball on purpose is not allowed. If this is the case then the next player has the right to play against the balls at that position or have the right to request a retest.

– If a player uses an unusual amount of time between strokes or to determine the choice of shot with the intention of destabilizing the opponent’s playing psychology, the referee will issue a warning to the player may lose a turn. If it continues, the umpire will be disqualified (when the warning arises the referee will announce the allowed time of 45 seconds).