How to play snooker

Snooker being variation of billiards is considered as one of the most popular games in the world. It is set up on a felt-covered table with six pockets around. The purpose of snooker is hitting all balls with the same colors in a correct order by using a thin wooden cue.

This game is not easy to play in the first time. It requires player to have considerable precision, high concentration as well remembering complexity of rules. Once you are clear about Snooker, you feel it is familiar like other billiards games.

This article will share these methods to play snooker well and fast

Method one: remembering the rule accurately

According to international rule of snooker, you only become a winner as long as you collect more points than your opponent. It means you have to finish the game with a higher number of points than others. To reach it accurately, you need to secure your point for per turn so that your opponent can’t guess correctly your points. This rule makes more interesting and hopeful for players. Some people feel uncomfortable about list of rules of snooker. But they have changed their thought for the next turns. The fact that this game is more and more exciting when you access it. Through practice this game, your logic brain will be improved actively.

Beside it, you need to set up the table correctly. Before you begin this game, the colorful balls should be arranged in the right configuration and at a specific location on the table. Your mission is to remember all positions of balls and have proper strategies.

The next step, you make decision which player will break the balls on the table by flipping a coin to find firstly. This player will break position of ball disorderly with his control then lead opponent to find the answer for this lesson.