How to put the sole in Billiard you should know (Part 1)

To win a game of billiards, you need more than the basics and the way to play a game of pool. In order to continuously score points for all opponents, they are not able to respond, the following good and standard billiard tips are the key.

How to play the hole idea easy but not easy at all. Players will be hard to win if not sure the posture, the most basic skills and some tips to help bypass the opponent. Immediately equip a good way to beat billiards and prepare to win.

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How to put the sole in Billiards should know

Before you know how to put the sole in billiards, should start to flexible, flexible joints. When holding the billiards, please pay attention to moderate, ie not too loose or too tight, and focus on the index fingers and thumb because they play an important role in adjusting the muscle tree.

Do not put your hand too far towards the base of the billiard club, but hold it right next to the colored line near the end. Adjust the front hand to a straight line across the surface of the billiard table. The back arm is contracted into a square angle, the upper arm is the same direction as the stick. The more contact point, the higher the muscle strength.

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A common mistake new players make is that the correct contact point is only one vertex so it can shake left and right (what you want is that it only fluctuates up and down, not left and right). As you can see in the figure below, the index finger and thumb are relatively long contact points, thus limiting the possibility of left and right shaking. And don’t look at those who are already well-versed, they are so used to it, even if they can beat them with one hand, they can do it quite well.