Snooker billiards and the basics you should know

If you just want to play this type of game at billiards clubs for fun and entertainment without playing in regular tournaments, here are some basic rules for snooker billiards for you.

1. Whoever scores more points wins

Different from playing 8 ball billiards and 9 ball billiards, snooker billiards determine win or lose based on the number of points that the player scored. The player’s score will be accumulated based on the number of balls the player hits in the hole. Each marble will have a corresponding number of points, when no more marbles on the table, the two sides will see who scored more points, the winner belongs to that person.

Bida snooker và những điều cơ bản

2. Decide who to fight first

Depending on the agreement of the party, which one to choose first to fight first. However, the batter must hit the red ball first, otherwise it will count as a foul.

3. Alternating groups of red marbles – colored balls

Similar to other types of billiards, the player must pocket a ball in his turn to continue, but different in that the player is required to hit the red ball first in his turn then continue. Colored marbles group. This will be repeated until the player has beaten all pairs of red balls – colored or fouls. When the number of red balls is on the table, the colored balls hit in the hole will be picked up and repositioned.

Bida snooker và những điều cơ bản

Note, when the whole red ball is no longer on the table, the player must play the colored balls in the order of the score from low to high, if any player hits the wrong order, it is also considered a violation.

4. Switching

When the first player to take the turn loses, the back player must play the red ball in the net and continue to play the colored ball and repeat. These are just general things for you to play with your friends at the clubs, if you want to play in regular tournaments, you should carefully study the rules of this category.