The Best International Snooker Players

In all sports disciplines, players termed as the best, must have displayed quality performances and also a high level of control during their playing time. In the snooker game, there are such players. Some have won major tournaments, and others have set records which have not been broken to date. Some of the best international snooker players include the following.

Ray Reardon

Ray was born on 8 October 1932, in Monmouthshire, and came to be one of the greatest snooker players. Nicknamed Dracula, he played the game professionally from 1967 to 1992, recording his highest break of 146 points in 2000. Before retiring, he won six world championships.

Clifford Thorburn

Commonly known as The Grinder, this snooker player was born in 1948, in Canada. Professionally, Clifford played snooker from 1972 to 1996. He received the highest ranking twice, in 1981 and 1982. He was the 1980 world champion and has had two highest breaks of 147.

Steve Davis

He is a retired English snooker player born on 22 August 1957 and has had great achievements during his career. He held the number one ranking in the world for seven consecutive seasons. Also known as The Nugget, he recorded the highest break of 147 in 1982. The retired player won the world championship six times.

Stephen Gordon Henry

Born in January 1969, this Scottish snooker player had huge successes during his professional playing time from 1985 to 2012. He made the highest break of 147 eleven times and also won the world championship seven times.

John Higgins

He is a Scottish snooker player who is currently active and is ranked at position six since October of 2019. He has had the highest break of 147 nine times. Since he started gaming professionally in 1992, he has won four world titles, two Masters and three UK Championships. He is among the greatest players in snooker history.