The terms in carom billiards you should know (Part 2)


The biased view in which the 2 target balls lie close to the ice and border the 2 balk box at the end of the table.


The eye ball, two target balls are located on both sides of the line, one ball is located close to the ice in Parker’s box, the other ball is located right next to this small box. A blow so that the muscle on the head is light enough to touch both balls while maintaining its position.

Những thuật ngữ trong môn bida carom

Anchor box

The square box at the end of the balk-box at the end of the table is twice the size of the Parker’s box. Regarding the law, the “anchor box” is also considered as a large box only. However, if both very small and big then the next shot must be big. In fact, because in the old days the ball was heavy and the quality of the cloth was also different so now the ball could stand still easily for the players to perform the “anchor nurse” and “chuck nurse”, and with the condition, cloth- In this stage, the anchor box no longer plays an important role like the previous day.

Những thuật ngữ cần biết trong môn carom

Cushion game (French: Bande)

The general categories of billiards are carom, including 1-cushion and 3-cushion. The main difference between this game and Free-game and Balk-line is that there is no limit to the amount of space on the table, but it adds a limit on the minimum number of ice touches of the cue ball before touching all 2 target balls to forming 1 carom. Because of the technical and fighting differences compared to the two disciplines that allow direct scoring of free-game and balk-line, for cushion games, the players often use the cue. , longer tops, radius and hardness (density – density) of speculation is also greater.