Top health benefits of playing snooker

Snooker is a well-known sport at tournaments, competitions for profession or in bars and pubs for amateur. This game requires players to response mentally and physically adept. Although snooker doesn’t need to run continuously like football, basketball or use all parts on body like swimming, scuba diving, snooker has several benefits for health.

This article will share top the best health benefits of playing snooker.

Slowing aging in men

The fact that snooker is proper for male. One study from the University of Copenhagen points out that a man drinks beer while playing snooker can keep more active and energy. Then he can become younger and stronger. The reason why between some active activities and passive activities of drinking and playing snooker can push this man to use his muscles fluently and smoothly. He doesn’t feel any pressure about mental while his brain is improved dramatically to be more active.

Practicing to build focus

Playing snooker requires a great amount of focus and concentration the best from player. To win the game, player needs to focus and follow his strategy in the moving of the cue ball and target ball. So he continues to think about the next step to move the angle of his own cue or the angle of the cue ball properly. Thinking is supportive to build focus better and effectively for other jobs.

Burning calories

Don’t surprise that playing snooker can burn calories. It’s the truth when you need to move around the table for adjustment your own cue. People estimated that one 2-hour 8-ball or 9-ball section can provide about 100 trips around the snooker table. It is equivalent to three-quarters of a mile. So it’s useful for someone to want to lost weight. You only practice playing snooker one time one day, it’s better as you walk.