Top the greatest snookers all the time

This article will continue to share top the greatest snookers all the time. The fact that, there are many talented players about snookers who are found out after tournament. Therefore this ranking is only estimated based on rewards, records and achievements they have reached after snooker leagues.

Alex Higgins

Alex ‘Hurricane’ Higgins was famous for the wild style about playing. He was very destructive and smart to express his talent for important fights. Until now, he got two the world titles, one the UK Championship and two the Masters titles. He also was voted to top ten players to complete snooker’s Triple Crown.

It is unlucky when he had problem in health and passed sadly away in 2010.

John Higgins

John was considered as one of the most successful snooker players in the modern snooker history with series of achievements like four times for World Championships, three times for the UK Championships, as well as two times for Masters titles.

During the season 1996 to 2012, he was on top 5 the great snooker player in the world.

Mark Selby

Mark is a professional pool player with hundreds of other rewards under other forms.

Recently, he has become the reigning World Snooker and the UK champion. Besides, he also won 3 master titles for the Jester from Leicester, 2 UK Champion and 2 World Champion.

He also keeps his consistency when he is on top six player to win all of snooker for the Triple Crown events. This achievement is highly appreciated because he continues to reach this ranking a long time.

Jimmy White

Although Jimmy White has not reached any World Championship, he is highly appreciated as the most talented player in the world for snooker. He is called with a nickname “The Whirlwind” White.